Page last updated: June 5, 2017
1 in 3 people in Ireland want to drink less but struggle to do so

Drinkaware research, carried out by Behaviour & Attitudes, identifies a need for more practical support and information in relation to alcohol and health in Ireland. The survey found that the more people understand that drinking to excess can impact their health and wellbeing, the more likely they are to proactively make positive changes to their drinking habits. Drinkaware is launching a new Standard Drink Measure Cup to help people to better understand their consumption.

The survey results suggest that many consumers don’t understand of the effects of regular alcohol misuse, with 46% of people believing excessive drinking is ‘no big deal’. The recent Drug and Alcohol Review revealed that Ireland has the highest rate of pre-drinking out of 25 countries, with 85% of people saying they drink alcohol before going out to a licensed premises where more alcohol is then consumed.

Speaking about recent findings, Drinkaware Medical Officer, Dr Liam Twomey said: “As a GP, I see firsthand how excessive or binge drinking can affect a community and our latest research indicates that people will change their behaviour in relation to alcohol if they receive practical information about the effects. We know that drinking habits have changed over recent years and more people are drinking at home. People are often not aware of how much they are drinking, regardless of the setting.

A tool like our new Standard Drink Measure Cup will help people in these situations to know and accurately keep track of exactly what they are drinking. There is a clear disconnect between what people intend to do and want to do, and what they end up doing and this is something we need to urgently address. We need to remove the barriers to people understanding the effects their drinking habits may be having on their health. Making small changes to how we consume alcohol can make a real difference in the short and long-term.”

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