Page last updated: June 5, 2017

Festival goers targeted with ‘morning after’ drink-drive message

Festival goers targeted with ‘morning after’ drink-drive message Road safety teams are being invited to participate in the latest ‘Morning After’ campaign which will deliver a drink drive reminder to those attending music festivals, weddings, BBQs and parties during the coming summer months. Founded in 2006, the Morning After campaign reminds motorists that it takes a lot longer for alcohol to pass through the body than most people think, and highlights the risk of unwittingly driving while still over the limit the morning after drinking alcohol. The campaign website received more than 800,000 page views in 2016 and the Morning After calculator app, launched in 2015, has received more than 23,000 installations on iPhone alone. The summer 2017 campaign resources include a ‘summer festival’ poster, summer night out poster, A6 postcards and a wallet sized drink drive information card. ciCQnlAI.dpuf
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