Page last updated: April 30, 2013

Estonia - National strategy to reduce alcohol-related harm

In Estonia, the Ministry of Social Affairs has drafted the new alcohol policy document ‘the green paper’ of national alcohol strategy to reduce alcohol-related harm. The green paper reveals that 87% of the adult drink alcohol, with beer and wine being most popular. The Estonian Institute of Economic Research market survey shows that 15% of those drinking alcohol consume beer a couple of times a week and 5% all through the week. Meanwhile, 4% of alcohol consumers have a vodka every day or a couple of times a week. In 2011, the consumption of smuggled alcohol or surrogate alcohol accounted for 6% of the total alcohol consumption. The share of smuggled alcohol is estimated to account for 22% to 27% of the strong alcohol market. The per capita consumption of pure ethyl alcohol was 10.2 litres in 2011, up by 5.7% year on year. 


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