Page last updated: July 9, 2013
National alcohol policy, Seychelles

The Drug and Alcohol Council (Dac) has recommended the implementation of a national policy to regulate the consumption, production, sale and advertising of alcohol in Seychelles.

The principal secretary of social affairs, Linda William-Melanie, said that the policy would form part of the wider national Renesans Sosyal (Wake Up Call) initiative.

The proposed policy seeks to address five main areas of concern: to significantly reduce the level of alcohol consumption in the country, to encourage responsible drinking behaviour, to ensure that alcohol products are manufactured under hygienic conditions, to ensure that children under 18 are encouraged to make informed decisions about alcohol use as adults, and to inform and educate the adult population on the consequences of excessive alcohol abuse.

Measures suggested in the policy document include tightening the regulations governing the manufacture and sale of traditional baka and lapire, restricting advertisements and promotional activities for alcoholic products, imposing harsher penalties for drivers found to be under the influence of alcohol, and to encourage all workplaces to educate their employees on the dangers of alcohol abuse.

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