Page last updated: July 9, 2013
UK Public Health priorities 2013/14

Public Health England (PHE), the new national body set up to lead on the promotion of health and wellbeing, has published its 2013/14 priorities.

PHE now includes national remit for drug and alcohol policy having now integrated the former National Treatment Agency and Alcohol Policy Team.

The report states that “The priorities encompass the organisation’s broad remit, ranging from protecting and improving the nation’s health to building the public health system and increasing its own expertise.

Local action will drive sustainable change in the public’s health, but we are committed to taking action on a national scale where it makes sense, and when it is needed”.

The report identifies five high-level enduring priorities, the first of which is “Helping people to live longer and more healthy lives by reducing preventable deaths and the burden of ill health associated with smoking, high blood pressure, obesity, poor diet, poor mental health, insufficient exercise, and alcohol”.


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