Page last updated: July 9, 2013
US federal spending bill boosts ongoing drink drive campaign

US Congress has provided full federal funding for the three components of the ongoing Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) Campaign. The spending bill allows over $50 million for aspects of the campaign, including:

$29 million for three annual high visibility “crackdowns.”  Two of these crackdowns are the twice yearly Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over campaigns, which are key to supporting law enforcement efforts to keep drunk drivers off the road.  The other is for Click It or Ticket, the seat belt campaign, which also helps reduce drunk driving fatalities, since a seat belt is the best defense against a drunk driver.

$20 million dollars for states that pass an all-offender ignition interlock law.  Currently, 17 states require interlocks for all offenders.  Evidence suggest that these devices reduce drunk driving by two-thirds while on offenders’ vehicles. 

$5 million dollars for advanced anti-drunk driving technology.  The advanced technology project, known as the Driver Alcohol Detection System for Safety, or DADSS, is part of a cooperative agreement between federal government and the world’s leading automotive companies.  The technology that will eventually eliminate drunk driving by making cars that will fail to operate if the driver is impaired.  This funding will aid this vital research.

Grants will also be available to states to address other key areas of highway safety, including distracted driving, occupant protection, motorcycle safety, traffic records and improving graduated driver licensing laws.

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