Page last updated: May 20, 2014
EU Alcohol Strategy update

Following the adoption on 10th March of a Resolution on the EU Alcohol Strategy by the European Parliament’s Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety, the Motion for a Resolution on the Alcohol Strategy expected on 3 April has been deferred. Spirits Europe hope that the EP Motion will call for a continued and strengthened EU Strategy to support Member States in reducing alcohol related harm.

They remind the MEPs of the initiatives launched by the European spirits sector to reduce alcohol-related harm: 317 initiatives all across Europe - measured and evaluated - created since 2007:

Consumer campaigns to inform, educate and raise awareness on the impact of harmful and hazardous consumption, and on appropriate consumption patterns: Interactive training sessions on the standards applicable to spirits marketing communications:

Brewers of Europe have said that they believe targeted actions against alcohol misuse are a prerequisite for achieving the objectives of the EU Strategy to support Member States in reducing alcohol-related harm. Although alcohol consumption has declined during the economic crisis, significant alcohol misuse-related problems still remain. The Brewers believe that this merely reinforces the need for the prime focus to be enforcement of existing legislation and targeted, local-level activities aimed at the minority who misuse alcohol, rather than introducing new, top-down, overall consumption-focused measures from afar.

The Brewers are fully engaged in initiatives targeted at alcohol misuse through major commitments, such as the EU Beer Pledge, marketing self-regulation, the SMART project aimed at reducing drink driving, launched in collaboration with the EU-wide NGO the European Transport Safety Council, and the European Alcohol & Health Forum, and are also involved in a multitude of local partnerships. Brewers are responsible for over 100 of the 250 commitments pledged.

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