Page last updated: October 24, 2014
Indiana launches new Lifeline Law public awareness campaign

Indiana’s Lifeline Law provides legal protections to minors under the influence of alcohol who call to report a medical emergency or a crime. The law was introduced because there was a concern that fear of prosecution could stop underage drinkers from doing the right thing in a medical emergency. For college students who are engaging in risky practices like partying prior to sporting events or popular social media drinking games, this is critically important. Indiana has launched a new, widespread outreach initiative dedicated to informing students and parents about the Lifeline Law through the internet and radio. Students in Indiana accessing the internet through their college or university will now receive information about the Lifeline Law on Facebook, YouTube and Pandora. The messaging will occur through triangulation between cell towers, creating a digital dome over the geography of a campus. Campuses in Indiana will receive 2 million impressions during the first three weeks of school.

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