Page last updated: October 24, 2014
Trinidad and Tobago government develop an alcohol policy

The Trinidad and Tobago Ministry of Health has begun to formulate a national alcohol policy to review the advertising and marketing of alcoholic beverages to the public. Health Minster Dr Fuad Khan said the results of a recent survey on substance abuse and addiction were responsible for the latest move. “The high incidence of young people abusing legal drugs has caused the ministry to review its policies. We are producing a national alcohol policy which is being done right now to look at curtailing the sale of alcohol to young people,” Khan said. He added that the policy would be developed much in the same way as the tobacco policy, which led to the Tobacco Control Act of 2009, and sought to prevent tobacco use by children, regulate tobacco use by individuals, enhance public awareness of the hazards of tobacco use and ensure individuals were provided with information to make more fully informed decisions about using tobacco.

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