Page last updated:September 29, 2015
Australia’s National Alcohol and Drug Workforce Development Strategy

In Australia, the Intergovernmental Committee on Drugs has published a National alcohol and drug workforce development strategy. This Strategy was developed to support the National Drug Strategy in recognition of the need for a national focus on development activities for the alcohol and other drug (AOD) workforce.

The AOD workforce includes workers whose primary role involves reducing AOD-related harm as well as those whose primary work focus is on other issues but, nevertheless, play an important role in reducing AOD harm. Consequently, this document addresses the needs of workers from the health, welfare, criminal justice and education sectors, acting in paid or unpaid capacities.

The goals of the Strategy are: • To enhance the capacity of the Australian AOD workforce to prevent and minimise alcohol and other drug-related harm across the domains of supply, demand and harm reduction activities. • To create a sustainable Australian AOD workforce that is capable of meeting future challenges, innovation and reform. pdf
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