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Highlighted CSR programmes from The European Alcohol and Health Forum report

Papers from the Open Alcohol and Health Forum held on the 23 November 2012 in Brussels have been released. A report presents some of the initiatives launched by members of the Forum that aim to reduce alcohol related harm.

Responsible Party, an initiative from Pernod Ricard addresses the problems that some young adults of excessive and/or inappropriate drinking within student parties in Europe. The initiative aimed to create a pragmatic toolkit for students, with a specific approach towards alcohol prevention to raise awareness among young Europeans.

Pernod Ricard developed European partnerships with relevant stakeholders such as the Erasmus Student Network  (ESN). In order to increase awareness of the  programme among students associations and especially among ESN, a special toolkit was developed with a dedicated website ( containing information, recommendations, facts and figures on alcohol, there was also a Facebook page to provide information on the Responsible Parties organised. A communication campaign featured 5 posters on peer pressure, binge drinking and drink driving, as well as useful tips, information flyers on responsible drinking, clips and a Responsible Party guide to help ESN organise parties. During the parties, ESN volunteers were Responsible Party Ambassadors and distributed breathalysers, condoms and other gadgets.

In 2 years, more than 100 parties were organised in Europe, reaching 61,000 students in 26 countries. The events raised awareness among young people on the dangers of inappropriate alcohol consumption.

Responsible drinking messages on consumer communication materials

SABMiller has fulfilled a commitment to develop guidelines for responsible drinking messages in order to remind consumers to drink responsibly and to refrain from drinking before driving, when under legal age or during pregnancy.

The messages have been implemented on packaging and in commercial communications including online, TV, radio, billboard and print advertisements, beer mats and labels in all European subsidiaries of SABMiller Europe. Compliance to the guidelines was measured by third party audit and revealed high levels of compliance for both  advertising and packaging.

The findings show that each advertising campaign run for SABMiller products between July 2011 and January 2012 reached an overall RDMs compliance rate of 98%. Of 830 products within the scope of SABMiller’s commitment, 610 products carried the SABMiller Responsible Drinking Messages (RDM’s), and 199 products carried the industry-designed RDMs, thus setting the overall compliance rate of 97.47%.

41% of survey respondents claimed that they noticed the presence of RDMs and could spontaneously recall at least one of the messages displayed. The percentage of prompted awareness of RDM messages was much higher. In most countries above 73% of respondents responded affirmatively when asked if they had already heard or seen the RDM messages.


International Bartender Association server training

Bacardi-Martini supplied resources to the International Bartenders Association for the design, creation, publishing & distribution of the IBA ‘Moderation & Responsibility’ server training guide, as well as the training manual ‘Guide to Social Responsibility’. Other training materials were also developed, including a training video and an online quiz/self-test.

Training sessions on responsible serving were given to bartenders and students at hotel schools. Train-the trainer sessions were a key part of the programme, as they expand the cascade of the project in the on-trade. It is important that bartenders take seriously their responsibility towards alcoholic beverages and their clients. The programme teaches bartenders what alcohol is and its potential effects, as well as how to deal with people who are about to exceed drink drive limits. Bartenders learn how to handle this delicate subject with care and take the lead in providing information to their customers. The course books have been translated into several European languages.

In addition to the IBA programme, Bacardi arranges its own training sessions for bartenders and responsible serving is integrated into these sessions. A train-the trainer model is also used for Bacardi sessions. In Europe alone over 40,000 bartenders were trained annually. The courses are also run in Asia and the plan is to develop more workshops in the future.

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