Page last updated May 20, 2014

UK Review of guidance on schools based interventions on alcohol

NICE announced in January that they will be reviewing their guidance on school interventions on alcohol.

NICE stated: Since the publication of PH7 there have been large changes in both the public health landscape and education system – for example the introduction of Academies and free schools, and a reduction in local authority governance of schools. This has led to a new context for implementation of any guidance targeting schools. Consequently some of the barriers and facilitators for implementation of the alcohol and schools guidance will also have changed. Additionally, the content and emphasis in alcohol messages should consider the Chief Medical Officer’s guidance (published since the original NICE guidance), which advises parents and children that an alcohol-free childhood is the healthiest and best option (Chief Medical Officer 2009). In addition, the increasing use of social media has created an environment where the social norms around young people’s alcohol use may be skewed and which alcohol marketing can utilize to influence young people.

The decision followed a short consultation with registered stakeholders. Those who argued for the need to review the guidance included: the Alcohol Health Alliance, the Alcohol Education Trust, Alcohol Research UK, the Cochrane Drugs and Alcohol Group, the Darlington Drug and Alcohol Action Team, the Department of Health, Hope UK, Mentor, the National Foundation for Educational Research, Public Health England, Royal College of Nursing, the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, and Newcastle School of Social Sciences.

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