Page last updated April 24, 2015

The Early Intervention Foundation report

The Early Intervention Foundation (EIF) aims to shift spending, action and support for children and families from Late to Early Intervention, moving away ’from picking up the pieces’ to ‘giving everyone the best start in life’.
The EIF report ’Spending on Late Intervention: how we can do better for less’ estimates that picking up the pieces from damaging social problems affecting young people such as mental health problems, going into care, unemployment and youth crime costs the Government almost £17 billion a year.
This report provides initial estimates of the annual cost to the taxpayer of such Late Intervention. As an annual estimate it only captures the immediate fiscal costs, not longer-term impacts.
In focussing on this spending, EIFs work aims to identify current potential fiscal benefits of Early Intervention, and to show a trajectory for what might be aspired to over the life of a five-year parliament. These costs cannot all be reduced quickly, but neither are they all necessary and inevitable.
The report recommends Prioritising Early Intervention, Incentivising local services to work together better through public service reform and system transformation and putting the early intervention agenda at the heart of government.

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