Page last updated September 16, 2016

Report recognises industry contribution to reduce alcohol-related harm

The annual report from the Producers’ Commitments was published 26 July – The collaboration of 12 industry leaders was initiated in 2012 aiming to reduce underage drinking, enforce legal ages of consumption, strengthen and expand marketing codes of practice, provide greater information to consumers, reduce drink driving and encourage retail partners to support its effort to limit harmful drinking. The third annual report found that, collectively, the 12 signatories implemented more than 250 initiatives in 2015 aimed at educating underage consumers about the importance of responsible drinking – a 49% increase on the previous year. These programmes directly engaged nearly 30 million unique adult influencers such as parents, teachers, and community leaders on the importance of respecting legal age limits on buying alcohol. Over 192 million additional individuals were reached through education programmes, mass media and social media campaigns.

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