Page last updated January 11, 2017

WHO/ Europe alcohol policy timeline database

WHO/Europe is launching a database that provides access to information on the major steps taken or milestones achieved in the development of policy and action to reduce alcohol-related harm in the WHO European Region from 2006 to present.

The Alcohol policy timeline database includes descriptions of and links to legislation, alcohol strategies/action plans, major reports on alcohol, nationwide information campaigns to reduce alcohol-related harm, and regular surveys on alcohol consumption and alcohol-related harm, among other activities.

Users can access profiles for individual Member States, view all entries for the Region for a particular year and view all entries in a specific policy area of the European Action Plan To Reduce The Harmful Use Of Alcohol 2012–2020.

The main purpose of the Alcohol policy timeline database is to facilitate networking between Member States and to provide a tool to assist Member States when they are revising, updating and drafting new policies on alcohol.

This database is part of a three-year project for monitoring of national policies related to alcohol consumption and harm reduction (MOPAC), which aims to support EU and WHO collaboration to monitor progress in reducing the harmful use of alcohol. The project is carried out with funding from the EU.

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