last updated July 10, 2018
Alcohol Harm Reduction - reports and news
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Responsible drinking initiatives: 2017 implementation report  (Apr 2018)
Calls to improve labelling of alcoholic beverages in Europe (Oct 2017)
WHO launches new NCDs Progress Monitor (Oct 2017)
New alliance to promote responsible drinking in Singapore (May 2017)
The effectiveness of Liquor legislation to reduce facial injury from alcohol related assaults (Apr 2017)
WHO/ Europe alcohol policy timeline database (Dec 2016)
State of the sector: Drug and alcohol family support (Dec 2016)
Community Alcohol Partnerships (CAP) successfully tackle underage drinking and antisocial behaviour (Dec 2016)
LSHTM UK Alcohol Policy report (Mar 2015)
Global State of Harm Reduction 2014 (Mar 2015)
The Early Intervention Foundation report (Feb 2015)
MESAS third annual report assesses impact of Scotland’s Alcohol Strategy (Jan 2014)
Monitoring and Evaluating Scotland’s Alcohol Strategy Alcohol Sales Update (Dec 2013)
DEMOS report on measures to reduce alcohol related harm in the UK (Dec 2013)
Report of MRC and ESRC Workshop identifies target areas for future UK research opportunities (Oct 2013)
Independent audit finds ‘overwhelming majority’ of drinks packaging is responsible in the UK (Oct 2013)
The Westminster Forum on the future of alcohol policy (Aug 2013)
The impact of cutting alcohol duties on drinking patterns in Hong Kong (Aug 2013)
Hospital admissions in Queensland for alcohol-related conditions following the increase in ‘alcopops’ tax reference to the Public Health (Aug 2013)
Alcohol policy changes and trends in adolescent drinking in Finland from 1981 to 2011 (Aug 2013)

Reduction in street drinking and anti-social behaviour following withdrawal of cheap super- strength drinks (June 2013)

The Alcohol Research UK annual conference - Alcohol and British Society (June 2013)

Enhanced labelling on alcoholic drinks: reviewing the evidence to guide alcohol policy (June 2013)
The effects of alcohol tax decrease and borders opening in Nordic countries (June 2013)

Affordability of alcohol in Europe report (June 2013)

Analysis by academics on alcohol and associated issues in Australia (May 2013)

UK - The 2nd National Emergency Department survey of Alcohol Identification and Intervention activity (Dec 2012)
'Alcohol policy rooted in partnership can deliver long-term change' by Jeremy Beadles , Chief Executive of the Wine and Spirit Trade Association, UK (May 2011)

What does it take to change behaviour? Kicking bad habits - King Fund reports Feb 2009

Community Alcohol Partnerships - A new way of tackling public under-age drinking

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