Page last updated: November 27, 2012
Young people admit to being hungover when at work in UK survey

New research from Drinkaware reveals that 78% of 18-24 year olds say they think it’s acceptable to get drunk in front of workmates. However, 61% admit they have done something they regret as a result of drinking too much after work.

The research by ICM found that 66% of young men say they drink more than they intended at after-work drinks, compared to 55% of young women. While many say they go for after-work drinks to get to know their colleagues, 40% reported going because they didn’t want to miss out on a good night. 57% of those who reported feeling pressure to buy a round said they go for after-work drinks every week.

Drinkaware is calling on young adults to adopt simple tips to make sure they get noticed for the right reasons. Having something to eat before drinking, alternating alcoholic drinks with soft drinks and avoiding the pressure to drink in rounds can help them stay in control.

Encouragingly many 18-24 year olds in the UK are already making attempts to display good work drinks etiquette, particularly young women: 55% of young women stop drinking when they’ve had enough versus just 42% of young men;  47% of young women make sure they eat a good meal before going out compared to just 37% of young men and 35% of young women try to drink slowly versus 29% of young men. 

Less positive finding were that 52% of those surveyed admit getting ‘very drunk’ with colleagues at least once in the last month and 83% say they have seen a colleague do something embarrassing as a result of drinking to excess after work.  Over half (54%) of young adults admit they have been hungover at work at least once in the last month because of a heavy drinking session with people from work. Young adults confess they regretted a variety of drunken displays in front of colleagues - being sick, falling asleep, kissing a colleague and criticising their boss.

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