Page last updated: November 27, 2012
Students who preload before going out spend more

A survey by has discovered  that ‘pre-drinking’ before a night out doesn’t actually save you any money. 62% of students participating in the poll said that they drink more alcohol at home before heading to a bar or club than they do once they’re out.

“Students tend to live with their friends and socialise at home, so skipping a drink in the local pub or student union and heading straight to a bar or club after a few drinks at home has almost become the norm,” said Oliver Brann, editor of

The survey, which interviewed 2,197 university students between 30th September and 20th October 2011, found that 67% of students listed vodka as their favourite drink (cider 45%, beer 32% and 29% alcopops). 53% of students said that they had missed at least one lecture because they had drunk too much.  67% of participants thought that there is a difference in drinking habits between British and International students. 26% of students also told the survey that initiation ceremonies should be banned because they encourage the consumption of large volumes of alcohol.

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