Page last updated: February 18, 2014

Children most likely to be given alcohol by family and friends at Christmas

An ICM survey of over 1,000 parents and their children aged 10-14 in the UK reveals that despite 84% of parents saying that they will not give their child a whole alcoholic drink at Christmas and New Year, 22% expect their child will get it from a relative or family friend. 17% of 10-14 year olds say they have been given a whole alcoholic drink by their parents and 21% report being given a drink by someone else including a family member, relative or friend during the festive season. Although some parents acknowledge that family or friends may be supplying their children with alcohol, 67% said that they are not concerned about their children’s exposure to alcohol over Christmas and New Year. Elaine Hindal, Chief Executive, Drinkaware says: “Despite the majority of parents saying they won’t give their children alcohol during the festive season, there’s a chance that someone else will, so it’s important to let your family and friends know what you have agreed with your child. Drinkaware’s advice is clear, alcohol should not be drunk underage and parents are best placed to enforce this. They can do this by being prepared to talk to their children about alcohol and letting them know they disapprove of underage drinking.”

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