Page last updated: August 11, 2015

Report on college aged drinking and social media

According to a recent report from the Boston University School of Public Health Excessive alcohol consumption is the major threat to the health, safety and success of college students in the United States. With the support of the Conrad N Hilton Foundation, researchers convened a workshop of experts on college aged drinking and social media to explore if and how emerging technologies can be coupled with screening, brief intervention and referral to treatment programmes, or other effective screening and intervention methods to reduce alcohol harm to students. This brief summarises the key themes that emerged at the workshop and suggested next steps.

The workshop participants concluded that the emerging technologies offer an unprecedented opportunity to build and implement effective prevention and treatment interventions at scale, particularly in screening and brief intervention. The effectiveness of these technologically supported interventions will ultimately depend on using them in the context of a multi-pronged, comprehensive strategy to prevent, reduce and treat alcohol related problems in college students.
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