Page last updated: September 29, 2015

When parents talk about college drinking

A study from Arizona state university researchers examined alcohol messages exchanged between college students and their parents, as well as how such messages associate with college students' dangerous drinking. Undergraduate students ages 18 to 25 years were recruited for the study and asked to recruit a parent. The sample included 198 students and 188 parents, all of whom completed an online survey. This study found parents tended to emphasise the negative aspects of drinking, particularly the dangers of drinking and driving and the academic consequences of too much partying. Results indicated that parent-student alcohol communication has various dimensions, including negative aspects of drinking, rules about drinking, drinking in moderation, and benefits of drinking. Parents' reports of discussing alcohol rules had a significant, negative association with students' alcohol consumption, whereas parents' reports of discussing the negative aspects of alcohol use had significant, positive associations with students' dangerous drinking. Source: When parents talk about college drinking: an examination of content, frequency, and associations with students' dangerous drinking. L Menegatos, LC Lederman, K Floyd. Helath Communication, published online: 25 Aug 2015.

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