Page last updated:March 10, 2014
UK survey of mothers’ drinking habits

A survey of 1,000 mothers commissioned by ITV’s This Morning has highlighted that women drink to relieve stress from working and parenting. 28% of mothers with under-18s have been drunk in front of their children and one in six said they had, at some point in the past, been too hungover to be a good parent. A quarter said they have been so intoxicated that they have put their own safety at risk while they are meant to be looking after their offspring. 36% say they drink to alleviate work-related stress, and just under a third say that they drink to help them deal with the stress of looking after their children. The study also revealed that 20% of Britain’s mothers are regularly drinking more than two alcoholic drinks in one night. Many mothers seem to be aware of the problems associated with their alcohol consumption -one in five admit to feeling guilty about their drinking This Morning’s editor, Adam Vandermark said “While most are aware of the perils of binge drinking, it’s shocking to see statistics like this that show that many mothers are drinking so much that they feel guilty”.


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