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The role of parents in preventing alcohol misuse

The AERC has recently published a report on the role of parents in preventing alcohol misuse by Jeremy Segrott, Research Fellow in Public Health, DECIPHer, Cardiff Institute of Society, Health and Ethics, Cardiff University and Heather Rothwell, Research Associate, Cardiff Institute of Socieyy, Health and Ethics, Cardiff University.

The report states that a key influence on the timing of young people’s first alcohol use is the family and a number of substance misuse prevention programmes (mainly in the USA) have tried to influence families.
Most are based in schools, which potentially provide an efficient way to reach large numbers of young people and their families (Bryan et al. 2006). However, in practice, school-based initiatives have not always managed to engage significant numbers of parents (Lloyd et al. 2000; Rothwell et al. 2009; Stead et al. 2007; Ward and Snow 2008).
The report describes the findings from an exploratory evaluation of a new school-based alcohol misuse prevention programme – Kids, Adults Together (KAT), which engaged with parents as well as children. The programme comprised a classroom component for children, a family fun evening, and a DVD. The research study evaluated the development and early implementation of KAT, and aimed to establish the theoretical basis for the programme. It explored implementation processes and acceptability, and identified plausible precursors of the intended longterm outcome which could be used as indicators of likely effectiveness.

The report is available from libraryReports.html
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