Page last updated: October 2010
Student drinking almost equal by gender in Ireland

Female College students appear to be binge-drinking at least as often as their male counterparts and sometimes match them drink for drink, according to research published in the latest edition of the Irish Medical Journal.
The study, by University College Cork’s (UCC) student health department, expressed concerns at the changing drinking behaviour of female students. It found that almost 45 % of students surveyed at UCC’s health centre drank an average of five drinks once a week.
More than 80% of students said they had binged (four pints or more in one session) in the previous
year. 45.5% of male students said they had binged more than once a week compared with 44.5% of female students. The Clan lifestyle survey conducted in 2002-2003 found that the male-female bingedrinking ratio was 60-40.
When females drank spirits, they had an average of five a session while males drank 4.7 measures.
With beer and cider, males drank an average 4.5 pints compared with women’s 3.7 pints. Nearly 25% of male drinkers said they had been in a fight as a result of their drinking and 10% of students reported unintentional or unprotected sex as a result of alcohol. Men were more likely to have been abused or assaulted because of someone else’s drinking while women were more likely to have arguments about someone else’s drinking.
The study recommended that alcohol and drug groups be set up in every third-level institution.
Source: Alcohol and Drug use in students attending a student health centre. Cahill and Byrne. The Irish Medical Journal September 2010 Volume 103 Number 8.


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