Page last updated: March 20, 2017

Public Health England report on young drug and alcohol users

Public Health England published information from the National Drug Treatment Monitoring System on the number of young problem drug and alcohol users in contact with specialist treatment agencies and general practitioners Apr 2015 - March 2016. Specialist substance misuse services saw fewer young people in 2015-16 than in the previous year (17,077, a drop of 1,272 or 7% compared to 2014-15). This continues a downward trend, year-on-year, since a peak of 24,053 in 2008-09. The main findings of the annual report were: • Just under two-thirds of the young people accessing specialist substance misuse services were male (65%), and just over half (52%) of all persons were aged 16 or over. • Females in treatment had a lower median age (15) than males (16), with 26% of females under the age of 15 compared to 20% of males. • Alcohol is the second most commonly cited problematic substance (behind cannabis) with just under half the young people in treatment (48%) seeking help for its misuse during 2015-16. However, numbers in treatment for alcohol problems have been declining steadily from (67%) reported in 2009-10.


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