Page last updated: February 20, 2014

Study finds links between beverage preference and political persuasion

A study into drinking habits in the US has revealed what your chosen tipple might give a clue to your political persuasion. According to a study by the US National Media Research Planning and Placement, an Alexandriabased Republican consulting firm, Democrats prefer clear spirits such as vodka and Champagne while Republicans prefer brown liquor such as whiskey and wines. The study also found that those drinking Jägermeister, Jack Daniel’s or Malibu were deemed not as likely to turn out at the ballots, but if they did it would be to vote Republican. Those with a fondness for flavoured vodkas and peach schnapps were also found to be less likely to vote, but to vote Democrat. The drink sitting on the fence appears to be rum with both Bacardi and Captain Morgan Spiced rum falling in the middle of the political spectrum.

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