Page last updated: September 29, 2015

Alcohol consumption continues to fall in Switzerland

Latest figures from Switzerland show that on average, the Swiss drank 8.1 litres of pure alcohol last year, down from 8.3 litres in 2013. The average consumption of wine fell by one litre to 35.1 litres, with Swiss red wine seeing the greatest drop of 4.7 million litres, however, slightly more imported red wine was consumed. A similar pattern was seen with white wine, but overall around 290 million litres of wine were drunk in Switzerland in 2014 - five million litres less than in 2013.

The consumption of spirits also fell, but beer stayed the same at 55.8 litres per person, for a total of around 460 million litres. However, the Swiss Alcohol Board pointed to the expansion in the number of breweries, from 275 in 2009 to 483 in 2014. The overall figures continued the general declining trend for alcohol consumption: ten years ago, the average Swiss drank 9.4 litres of pure alcohol. But the board stressed that the figures were all averages, and a breakdown of data among various population groups was not possible.

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