Page last updated: September 29, 2015

Alcohol consumption: The French are drinking less, but spending more

The Barometer 2015 the consumption of alcoholic beverages report in France, presented by Entreprise & Prevention, shows that the French have become casual consumers and are buying less quantity but higher quality products. In cafés and restaurants, where attendance continues to decline, the proportion of 18 years and older who consume one alcoholic drink has never been so low. “The Barometer allows us to have a vision of French consumption patterns and their evolution. For several years, a trend clearly appears: the French prefer quality over quantity and no longer consume daily, but occasionally and probably in a more friendly and festive manner,” said Alexis Capitant, CEO of Entreprise & Prevention. “It should guide a policy of prevention to spot abuse and the risks relating thereto, for example by improving the knowledge of lower-risk consumption guidelines.” The report highlights that only 12% of respondents are daily consumers of alcoholic beverages. Of these, 66% are male and they include 51% of 60+ compared to 7% of 18-25 years. The French are predominantly weekly consumers (32%) or monthly (24%). 12% of French consume less frequently (every two to three months) or at all (20%). The purchasing behaviour of households, analysed by Kantar Worldpanel research firm from a representative panel of 12,000 French households regardless of their place of purchase, reveals that almost all households purchase alcoholic beverages (96.3%). The study confirms the trends of previous years: the French are buying in smaller quantities (-2,3l since 2008) and more expensive products of higher quality. This range of climb continues with an annual purchasing budget up 25.9 € since 2008.

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