Page last updated: March 31, 2016

Barometer 2016 - French household budget for the purchase of alcoholic beverages declines

The Barometer of alcoholic beverage consumption in France reveals for the first time in five years, a decline in the annual budget of French households for the purchase of alcoholic beverages. Other indicators remain on a downward trend as in previous years, for both the volume and frequency of purchase.

“The decline in the annual budget for alcoholic beverages as part of consumer spend is a new phenomenon,” says Alexis Capitant, CEO, Avec Moderation! “Until now, there was a decrease in purchased volumes but an increased budget, indicative of a move upmarket. This phenomenon still exists since the price of the average basket is stable, but purchases are less frequent and the annual budget is down.” he commented.

The purchasing behaviour of households was analysed by Kantar Worldpanel research company from a representative panel of 12,000 French households. It shows that the annual budget for purchases of alcoholic beverages amounted to € 321.3 in 2015, € 6 less than in 2014. While almost all households (96%) buy alcoholic drinks, data from the Barometer shows a steady decline in the number of litres purchased (nearly 10 litre decline since 2007).

Consumption in cafes, bars, restaurants is followed by the NPD Group CREST panel consisting of a representative sample of 14,000 people who respond each month to a questionnaire about their visits and their consumption. The attendance continues to decrease (-13% attendance between 2008 and 2015). The attacks in Paris in November 2015 have significantly accelerated this trend. The number of visitors ordering an alcoholic drink during their visit, stood at 45%.

The IFOP survey, conducted annually on the frequency of consumption, shows that 23% of French adults aged 18 and over consume alcohol less than once a week and the number of daily users continues to erode (8%); daily users are predominantly male (12% against 5% women) and older people (10% of 60-70 year against 3% of 18-25) .


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