Page last updated: September 26, 2012
British use alcohol to de-stress in evenings after work

62% Brits drink alcohol to relax and unwind in the evenings according to new research from Drinkaware.
44% of the 30-45 year olds surveyed by ICM drink to relax and unwind everyday or most days of the week, with 37% thinking about having a swift drink before they even get home. People are more likely to have an alcoholic drink if they had a stressful day (44%) or a bad day at work (29%). The research reveals that stocking up on drink is part of a set routine; 68% have alcohol at home and 71% buy it with their regular grocery shop.
34% of men aged 30-45 and 43% of women of the same age group who drink at home report drinking above the daily unit guidelines. Over a fifth (21%) of men and one in six (15%) women report drinking every day or most days of the week. The research also found:
Adults blame work/the office (60%), money/financial worries (49%) and home/family life (36%) as causes of stress
Drinkers usually have their first tipple with dinner (24%) or while watching TV afterwards (33%)
Drinkaware is encouraging adults to use its online healthy lifestyle tool,, to track their intake and get support to change their habitual drinking.


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