Page last updated: Friday, March 20, 2009
Binge drinking and moderation in alcoholic drinks
A recent report by Datamonitor examined consumer attitudes towards alcohol, cultural drinking trends and the importance of promoting responsible drinking at a time when alcohol misuse is attracting widespread negative attention.

Amongst its conclusions the report notes that despite plentiful media coverage surrounding the culture of binge drinking, consumers are generally highly attentive about the volume of alcohol they consume. Consumers in Italy, Brazil and India were most likely to pay a ‘very high amount of attention’ to not drinking too much (48%, 53% and 51% of respondents respectively).

Some consumers choose to refrain completely from consuming alcohol and tougher economic conditions could see an increase in this tendency. The prevalence for abstention generally increases with age, although young adults are now the most likely of all age groups to be teetotal.

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