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Update on French consumption habits
In April, Entreprise et Prévention published its 2012 ‘Barometer’ report on the consumption of alcoholic beverages in France, which integrates for the first time an analysis of consumption away from home. The report found that only 45% of customers at cafes, bars and restaurants drink alcoholic beverages and these consumers are mostly over 45 years. More generally, the trend toward less regular routine consumption continues, with fewer daily drinkers (14%). In supermarkets, the French are buying less quantity but they are buying better quality “The various panels that make up the Barometer allow us to have a global view of the patterns of French consumption, whether in private or when eating out. For five years, there has been a decrease in consumption opportunities. The French eat less, but more qualitative,“ said Alexis Capitant, General Manager Entreprise et Prévention. ”This trend is extremely positive. It is important to continue to fight against excessive or inappropriate consumption of alcoholic beverages, for example for information on consumer guidelines and consumer education, single lever to prevent the risks of alcohol consumption in the private sphere ,“ he added. The study shows an change towards more casual consumption. The French are mainly weekly consumers (31%) or monthly (23%). 20% never drink alcohol. Daily consumption is particularly high for men over 60 years and is rare in women and youth. The purchasing behaviour of households is analysed by the research firm Kantar Worldpanel from arepresentative panel of 12,000 French households and their purchase for consumption at home regardless of the place of purchase (large and medium supermarkets, convenience stores, discount stores, producers). It shows a slight decrease in the number of purchasing households (200,000 less homes purchasing alcohol in four years), and mostly lower quantities purchased over the same period. Data show an increase in the average household budget for alcohol which has been expanding since 2008, reaching € 312 in 2011. The NPD Group CREST panel consists of a representative sample of 12,000 people per month, which respond to a questionnaire on the Internet about their visits and their consumption in food service. In establishments where drinks are consumed traditionally alcoholic (coffee bars, nightclubs and restaurants) less than one customer in two consumes two alcoholic beverages, with a significant decrease since 4 years. Consumers are the most numerous 45 and older, who account for over 50% of consumption and this groups consumption has remained consistent, whereas younger customers now consume less than before. CREST The panel also shows that consumption of alcoholic beverages outside the home is primarily related to meals (82%).
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