last updated: May 20, 2014
Advertising and marketing - Other standards and guidelines
ceps resp market International Chamber of Commerce - Marketing guidelines for alcohol    

ceps resp market CEPS Guidelines for the development of responsible marketing communications egta EGTA - Association of television and radio sales houses(June 2011)
EUCAM - European Centre for monitoring Alcohol Marketing (regulations for individual european countries) Swedish Alcohol Suppliers’ Scrutineer (AGM)
EU Market Responsibly website ESA - European Sponsorship Association
EASA _ European Advertising Standards Alliance European Commission - Audiovisual and Media Policies
Responsible Marketing of Alcoholic Drinks: Regulations and enforcement - an overview of the regulatory environment for commercial communication of alcoholic beverages in Europe for CBMC - Brewers Of Europe    

ASA - UK Advertising Standards Authority BCAP - Committee of Advertising Practice
Ofcom - UK Office of Communications    
WSTA UK health labelling guidance      

FTC Federal Trade Commission Alcohol and Tobacco tax and trade bureau Alcohol Beverage Advertising Program

New Zealand Advertising Standards Authority


The Liquor Advertising Pre-Vetting System (LAPS)

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