Page last updated: May 19, 2014

STIVA Symposium on responsible alcohol marketing

In November, The STIVA Annual Symposium on responsible alcohol marketing took place in Amsterdam. On 1 January 2012  a new Code came into force, the main amendment being new guidelines on the use of digital marketing and social media. The symposium provided an opportunity to take a critical look at where the Dutch alcohol industry stands currently and what challenges can be expected in the future.

During the symposium, the first results of the investigation into compliance with the article on digital marketing and social media were presented. Two experts in advertising law, Richard van Schaik (DLA Piper) and Ebba Hoogenraad (Hoogenraad & Haak Advertising + IP lawyers) explained the recent legal developments in the field of (alcohol) marketing. Japo Ouwerkerk, Public Policy Manager, Government Affairs & Communications Pepisco, shared his experiences on the foodsector. Finally Farid Tabarki, Trendwatcher of the Year 2012, gave a glimpse into the future of (digital) marketing.

 There were more than 150 professionals from the alcohol industry present, reflecting the attention industry pays to responsible marketing and its willingness to work in the Advertising Code for Alcoholic beverages.

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