Page last updated:February 17, 2014
Suggested drink drive legislation in Poland

Polish prime minister Donald Tusk has suggested changes to existing legislation in a bid to combat drink driving in Poland. These include a breathalyser in every car, increased fines and driving bans and stricter enforcement of prison sentences.

Other measures include the introduction of a minimum fine for first-time drink drivers of 5,000 (£1,000) zloty, along with a driving ban of three years. The Prime Minister also said that he would like to see driving while disqualified become a criminal offence,

rather than a misdemeanour. For second-time offenders, the minimum fine would be 10,000 zloty and a ban of at least five years. In all cases, a maximum fine of up to 100,000 zloty may be imposed, and a bans of up to 15 years.

Mr Tusk also said that every car could be required to have a breathalyser fitted “The obligation to fit a breathalyser… is to reduce the number of so-called ‘accidentally intoxicated’ people. For example, those who drank the previous day, got up in the morning, and thought they were sober. This is probably the most common case. The obligation to have a breathalyser will result in greater self-control.”


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