Page last updated:October 24, 2014
Scottish Government to reduce drinkdrive limit

The Scottish Government intends to reduce the drinkdrive limit following a consultation in which 74% of those who responded backed a cut. Almost nine in 10 of those who endorsed the change agreed with the Scottish Government’s proposal to lower the blood-alcohol limit from 80mg of alcohol in 100ml of blood down to 50mg. This is likely to mean that Scotland and England will have different drinkdrive limits. Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill said the consultation response allowed the government to move to formal discussions with the police and with the UK Government on the recalibration and testing of drink-drive enforcement devices to ensure that prosecutions were as robust as possible. “Before a lower limit is introduced we will also consider issues such as how motorists driving into Scotland from England will be made aware of the lower limit,” he added. The Scottish BMA welcomed the news and said the move could prevent up to 30 deaths a year. No date has yet been set for implementation of the change.


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