Page last updated: September 18, 2018
EU vehicle safety proposals to require standardised alcohol interlock interface

All new vehicles sold in the EU will feature a standardised interface to enable the fitment of aftermarket alcohol interlock devices, according to new EU vehicle safety standards proposed in May 2018.

The proposed requirement, part of a package of new vehicle safety standards, should make it simpler and cheaper to fit an alcohol interlock when a driver is required to do so by law. Several EU countries have rehabilitation programmes for recidivist drink drivers that require installation of an interlock before a driver is allowed to get back behind the wheel. Fleet operators and bus and taxi firms, who increasingly use interlocks to ensure their drivers do not drive under the influence will welcome the news. Buses and coaches in France are already required to be fitted with alcohol interlocks by law. Belgium and Spain are working on adopting similar laws.

ETSC says the move is welcome and long overdue but is also calling for alcohol interlocks to be required as standard on vans, lorries and buses. alcohol-interlock-interface/

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