Page last updated: July 11, 2013
The NASOROSSO Project: An Italian study on alcohol consumption in recreational places

The Nasorosso (Rednose) project of the Italian Youth Department and the National Institute of Health, aimed to raise awareness about drinking and driving under the influence of alcohol among club goers with a series of initiatives. Within the framework of the project, blood alcohol concentration (BAC) was measured on 106,406 individuals before and after clubbing in 66 different recreational sites from 11 Italian provinces, over 16 months. Participating individuals were questioned regarding socio-demographic and environmental characteristics and alcohol intoxicated people were offered to be taken home.The BAC median at the club entry was 0.26g/L with 65.3% subjects showing a BAC value under the driving legal limit of 0.5mg/L (achievable after approximately 2 drinks).

At the exit from clubs, BAC median value rose to 0.44 g/L and subjects with BAC value under the legal limit decreased to 54.9%. Being male, aged between 18 and 34 years with a diploma, being a drinker and entering the disco with a BAC already beyond the legal drink drive limit predicted a BAC value beyond 0.5g/L at exit from the recreational place. Conversely, being a driver, being a student and exiting from the disco before 4 a.m. reduced the probability of having a BAC higher than 0.5g/L at the end of the night. The findings suggest Italian youth are predominantly moderate in their alcohol consumption and take their personal responsibility seriously. Source: The NASOROSSO (Rednose) Project: An Italian Study on Alcohol Consumption in Recreational Places. Roberta Pacifici, Andrea Pierantozzi, Rita Di Giovannandrea, Ilaria Palmi, Luisa Mastrobattista, Claudia Mortali and Simona Pichini. Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 2013, 10 1666 Published: 24 April 2013.


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