Page last updated:February 17, 2014

Success story on road fatalities in Portugal

In Portugal, the results of a ‘Bacchus Operation’ in August showed that more than 90% of young people are driving without alcohol in the their blood. The 100%Cool Driver campaign was initiated by ANEBE in 2002, promoting the message that drinking and driving do not mix. Some of the good practices highlighted at EU level, such as the designated driver concept, were implemented at local level in partnership with enforcement authorities, i.e. police forces and Road Safety Agency. 100% Cool teams (responsible drinking ambassadors) patrol the streets and events and they reward designated drivers (for example with a 20€ fuel voucher) during police late night controls – all the awards must be claimed on the site, for interaction with the target group in a more personalised way. They are also present at popular summer music festivals, the “Queima das fitas” of Porto and Coimbra and greet freshmen in Viseu and Coimbra. The campaign was updated in 2010. It is promoted through: Online communication, advertising, tactical communication, PR and multiple strategically partnerships activations and social networking (for example Facebook). A dedicated website, which has a lot of tools that reinforce 100%Cool message/attitude: for example, a blood alcohol calculator, a test drive game where people can drive their friend’s safely and a cool tips for “100%Cool” behaviour. It is also very interactive: it has a regular chronogram and maps showing where 100%Cool night control street events are, all results can be shared in social networks and a downloads section with 100%Cool goodies such as wallpapers, TV spots, etc. The “Drive Me” social network/online platform which was launched summer 2010. It is the first social network for those going out at night, where users can register and hitch a ride or give somebody a lift, in a 100%Cool environment: knowing that the driver won’t drink. In 2013, McDonald’s joined the campaign to help promoting the concept: McMenus are offered as an award to the 100%Cool Drivers and 100%Cool flyers are distributed in the McDonalds Drive-in. Official road fatalities have decreased by 50% for the overall population but by more than 70% for the 18 to 24 years old, those who previously accounted for a high proportion of road fatalities.

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