Page last updated:February 17, 2014

UK Think! drink drive campaign - costs and effectiveness

Information released by the Department of Transport gives details of the Department for Transport’s expenditure on the THINK! Drink Drive campaigns from 2002-present. A table of expenditure has been prepared using a range of sources held by the Department for Transport and provides an estimate of the advertising campaign expenditure for the years requested where the information is available in an existing source. Campaign expenditure refers to all spend relating to Drink Drive including advertising media, production, PR and research. Advertising media expenditure is also given for the years where the full campaign expenditure is not available. Advertising media expenditure refers to bought advertising space such as radio, TV and outdoor spaces/slots. Results from the Think Drink Drive evaluation were published in September 2013 and give details of how the Think campaign has influence behaviour and perception. The number of fatalities and casualties from drink drive accidents has fallen steadily since 2002, although in 2011 a slight increase was recorded. file/291955/drink-drive-costs.pdf

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