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Drinking and driving among Italian adolescents: Trends over seven years

IARD Drink Drive summary report The International Alliance for Responsible Drinking (IARD) has released The Drink Driving Initiative 2015 Summary Reports on May 24, 2016 highlighting the progress of the leading global beer, wine and spirits producers’ collective commitment on reducing drink driving.

The reports outlines the achievements over the last six years. A series of successful pilot programmes that aimed to reduce drink driving were launched in China, Colombia, Mexico, Nigeria, Russia, and Vietnam. IARD, as Secretariat to the Commitments, has begun transitioning these into locally funded programmes and, in 2015, expanded its efforts with local stakeholders to reduce alcohol-related road traffic crashes in four new countries: Cambodia, Dominican Republic, Namibia, and South Africa. The initiatives were undertaken in partnership with local government, police, NGOs, and other stakeholders. The success of these programmes reflect the Commitments’ goal to reduce drink driving, and contribute to ambitious targets set by the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety, to decrease road traffic deaths and injuries by half by 2020. IARD and its member companies understand that awareness alone may be insufficient and therefore support an evidence-based approach to preventing drink driving that includes establishing a maximum BAC limit, strengthening enforcement, implementing graduated licensing and zero tolerance policies, and supporting counselling, license suspension, and interlock devices. DrinkDriveIntiativeSummaryReports.pdf
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