Page last updated: Monday, October 06, 2008

Alcohol related traffic deaths fall in US

The annual US traffic fatalities declined to their lowest level since 1994, dropping 3.9% to 41,059 the US government announced on 14th August.

The Transportation Department and state governments credited safety measures and tougher law enforcement with the 2007 reduction.

Although alcohol related deaths declined 3.7% to 12, 998, safety experts claimed that many states are still not tackling the problem aggressively enough.

There was a recorded rise in motorcycle fatalities, although the number of registered motorcycles has surpassed 6 million, compared with 3.8 million in 1998, and vehicle miles travelled have risen.

Transportation officials said they plan to target motorcycle drivers in a $13 million anti-drunk-driving advertising campaign running during the upcoming Labor Day holiday. The department has also discussed new safety and training standards for noviceriders, increased training for law enforcement and curbing counterfeit safety-labelling of helmets.

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