Page last updated: November 27, 2012
ERSC campaign ‘Do you want to save 30,000 Lives?

The European Road Safety Charter has just released the ‘30 000 Lives To Save’ campaign with the key message: “No more victims on the roads”. The campaign, that anyone can support by joining the pledge through an integrated application on Facebook (, invites citizens to follow its cause by clicking on a single button: the ‘I take the pledge’. The objective is to reach 30 000 individual participations who believe that road safety should be a priority for all. Road Safety is a major societal health issue. In 2011, an estimate of more than 30,000 people died on the roads of the European Union, 25% of which are thought to be alcohol related. This is why the European Road Safety Charter wants to take a step further and encourage a more active participation of citizens in road safety related topics. The European Road Safety Charter has contributed to saving more than 40,000 lives by bringing together 2,300 entities that commit to specific, measurable, and free road safety related activities. Banners, infographies and the platform to suscribe the campaign mention repeatedly that youth is especially at risk, since road accidents are the leading cause of death for teenagers. Among other facts, the campaign also highlights that for every death in Europe’s roads there is an estimated 4 permanently disabling injuries such as brain damage or spinal cord damage, 8 serious injuries and 50 minor injuries. “Over 78,000 lives were saved through the EU’s 2001-2010 road safety programme”, confirms Martine Aitken, project manager, who adds that this meant that the number of deaths were reduced by 43%.

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