Section last updated: June 2022
About AIM

AIM – Alcohol in Moderation was founded in 1991 as an independent not for profit organisation
whose role is to communicate “The Responsible Drinking Message” and to summarise and log relevant research, legislation, policy and campaigns regarding alcohol, health, social and policy issues.

AIM Mission Statement

- To work internationally to disseminate accurate social, scientific and medical research concerning responsible and moderate drinking
- To strive to ensure that alcohol is consumed responsibly and in moderation
- To encourage informed and balanced debate on alcohol, health and social issues
- To communicate and publicise relevant medical and scientific research in a clear and concise format, contributed to by AIM’s Council of 20 Professors and Specialists
- To publish information via on moderate drinking and health, social and policy issues – comprehensively indexed and fully searchable without charge
- To educate consumers on responsible drinking and related health issues via and publications, based on national government guidelines enabling consumers to make informed choices regarding drinking
- To inform and educate those working in the beverage alcohol industry regarding the responsible production, marketing, sale and promotion of alcohol
- To distribute AIM Digest Online without charge to policy makers, legislators and researchers involved in alcohol issues
- To direct enquiries towards full, peer reviewed or referenced sources of information and statistics where possible
- To work with organisations, companies and associations to create programmes, materials or policies that communicate responsible alcohol consumption messages or work to reduce alcohol related harm.

Copies of AIM are distributed without charge to bona fide journalists, media and legislators throughout the world. AIM's media and press influence plays an important role in keeping the public informed on alcohol issues.

A subscription to AIM will keep you informed about alcohol issues, international medical and scientific research and legislation. Your subscription will help support our free distribution programme.

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