Section last updated: September 12, 2018
Hazardous Drinking
Changes in the serum metabolite profile correlate with decreased brain grey matter volume in moderate-to-heavy-drinking young adults (June 2018)
Study concludes, ‘excessive drinking in teens may affect short-term memory' (June 2018)

Role of the innate immune system in the neuropathological consequences induced by adolescent binge drinking (Apr 2018)

Alcohol binge drinking and executive functioning during adolescent brain development (Dec 2017)
Potential mechanisms for the greater risk and fewer health advantages from alcohol consumption for subjects with low socio-economic status (May 2017)
Adverse health effects of binge drinking on cardiovascular disease (Mar 2017)
Binge drinking during adolescence and young adulthood is associated with deficits in verbal episodic memory (Jan 2017)
Binge drinking in young university students is associated with alterations in executive functions related to their starting age (Dec 2016)
Individual differences, not just the quantity you drink, influences risk of blackout (May 2016)
The benefits of administering folic acid to combat the oxidative damage from binge drinking? (Jan 2016)
Why are the harmful effects of alcohol consumption greater among people with low education and income? (Jul 2015)
Comparison of the deleterious effects of binge drinking-like alcohol exposure in adolescent and adult mice (Apr 2015)
The effect of energy drinks on the urge to drink alcohol in young adults (Sep 2014)
Binge drinking greatly increases mortality risk among moderate drinkers (Mar 2014)
A gene mutation for excessive alcohol drinking found (Jan 2014)
Heavy alcohol consumption leaves its mark on youngsters’ DNA (Jan 2014)
Heavy drinking linked to early onset of memory decline (Jan 2014)
Stimulating brain cells can stop binge drinking, animal study finds (Jan 2014)
Alcohol, tobacco, drug use far higher in severely mentally ill (Jan 2014)

Disrupting drinking memories may help prevent relapse (Oct 2013)

Does the severity of hangovers decline with age? (Oct 2013)
Differences between wine and other alcoholic beverages in terms of adverse consequences of alcohol consumption(Oct 2013)
Binge drinking more than 2 days per week is associated with insomnia symptoms (Aug 2013)
Effects of a persistent binge drinking pattern of alcohol consumption in young people (Aug 2013)
Reducing the harm from adolescent alcohol consumption: results from SHAHRP in N. Ireland SIPS alcohol screening and brief interventions findings (June 2012)
Heavy episodic drinking in Europe: A cross section study in primary care in six european countries (Sept 2011)
Binge drinkers report sub-optimal health status more often than non-binge drinkers (Aug 2010)
Occasional binges may undo alcohol’s heart benefits (Jun 2010)
Alcoholic ‘energy’ drinks could raise risks from intoxication
Are brief alcohol interventions likely to be effective in routine primary care practice?
Binge drinking expands waistlines
Binge drinkers let down guard against infection
Binge drinking affects attention and working memory in young university students
Effectiveness of single internet or email self help intervention
Link between binge drinking and cardiovascular disease
Childhood IQ possibly linked to adult alcohol use
Peptide Ghrelin may be involved in both alcohol dependence and overeating
Binge drinkers forget negative events during binge drinking
New Test identifies heavy drinkers
Computerised alcohol screening and brief intervention may reduce hazardous drinking
Does binge drinking affect prognosis after myocardial infarction?
"Alcohol and young people" (Speech given at AIM conference Oct 2004 by Helena Conibear)
Brief Mail Interventions As An Effective Tool Among Young People
Beating the Binge Culture - by Helena Conibear
Drinking to get drunk>
Drinking Pattern May Affect Your Mortality
EU Binge Drinking on Increase
Heavy or binge drinking and its effect on the brain
Bar Training helps Sensible Drinking
Binge Drinking in Ireland
Research on under age drinking by the Century Council
>Gene May be Linked to Binge-Drinking
Alcohol use and problems at US Colleges banning alcohol: results of a National Survey
A 'Binge' is Not a Binge
by Professor Dwight Heath
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