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Drinks Advertising in the European Union Today
This comprehensive study by of the legislative, regulative and voluntary bodies involved in advertising and its monitoring in every country in the EU is an invaluable resource. Each sector of the media is covered and all the contact information for each organisation furnished.

Guidelines and regulatory codes are reviewed and an overview is given of EU guidelines and legislative objectives. Every member country of the EU has legislation in place which either directly of indirectly impinges on alcohol advertising. In terms of EU wide legislation there has been just one directive that included specific measures relating to alcohol advertising for TV only, which has been incorporated in to the national laws of 15 member states. 13 member states are currently updating alcohol policies and covers a wide spectrum of possible legislation including fiscal measures, youth and public order policies and licensing, with advertising and its regulation high on the agenda. The report concludes that at present ‘the drinks industry is charged with convincing those in favour of regulation that self regulation works….. the industry has to demonstrate that it can be part of the solution (in tackling alcohol misuse)…. The importance of responsible and effective self regulation of advertising in reinforcing that message cannot be overstated’.

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