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Allied Domecq Social Report 2004 'Responsible Thinking'
Domecq’s first Social Report, ‘Responsible Thinking’. is divided into three sections, ‘Inside Allied Domecq’, ‘Taking a Wider Perspective’, and ‘Alongside and Worldwide’.

‘Inside Allied Domecq’ includes discussion the need to balance the need for profit with the environment and society.

‘Taking a Wider perspective’ looks at the issues surrounding alcohol in society, supply chains and the environment. Recognising that alcohol is not just another consumer product and that although alcohol gives great pleasure to many, it can also cause harm if not used responsibly.

‘Alongside and Worldwide’ looks at Allied Domecq and its actions in the community, ranging from initiatives to provide information about alcohol to teenagers, such as the @Bristol exhibition (see Social and Policy), to funding ‘cop in shops’ in the US to prevent teenagers buying alcohol illegally.

The report highlights Allied Domecqs’ involvement in the debate about alcohol, and the company’s work alongside scientific, medical and the public health community to develop of a balanced public health policy .

Allied Domecq has written its own marketing and advertising guidelines setting out how alcohol can be marketed in a responsible way, to prevent the depiction or encouragement of excessive drinking. They are the first major drinks company to ask for external advice on new marketing campaigns

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