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Alcohol & Your Child: a fact sheet
Life Education Centres (LEC) is an international drug prevention and health education charity for children. Their aim is to provide children aged 3-13 with the skills, self-confidence and knowledge, to enable them to make healthy choices for their future, in particular the avoidance of substance abuse. They provide unique extra curriculum education, through a mobile classroom with specialist Educators.

With the aid of Harold the Giraffe, LEC Dorset is providing an innovative community solution and response to a community problem, by working closely with teachers, Drug Action Teams, Drug Reference Action Groups, Health Services and the Police.

Figures show that 31% of 11-12 year old boys surveyed have had at least one alcoholic drink in the past week. “Alcohol is probably the most socially acceptable drug, but it can also cause much social and physical damage.” say LEC.

LEC have released a fact sheet on Alcohol and Your Child, the fourth in a series specially designed to support drug prevention in homes. Topics covered in the fact sheet include; alcohol and the mind, alcohol and the body, alcohol and the family, tips on dealing with stress, & other useful information and addresses.

Life Education Centres, 1st Floor, 53-56 Sutton St, London, EC1V 0DG Tel: 0171-490 3210

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