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Diageo Releases Corporate Citizenship Report 2003
Diageo, the world’s biggest premium drinks business including brands such as Smirnoff, Johnny Walker, Guiness, Baileys, J&B, Captain Morgan and Cuervo, has released its first full corporate citizenship report. Operating in some 180 countries around the world, Diageo’s turnover was £9,440m in 2003. It has 3,914 employees in North America, 11,625 in Europe and 2,681 in Asia Pacific.

Corporate citizenship is described as ‘the ways in which our business and products interact with society and the natural world, and encompass the balance between acting responsibly and the right to trade freely..... we focus our efforts particularly on social responsibility’ The foreword to the report states: “It is common knowledge that, treated irresponsibly, alcohol products can lead to a range of health and social problems. That’s why, as the world’s leading premium drinks business, we have made social responsibility and alcohol a primary focus. We also strive to play a positive role in the well-being of the communities of which we are a part.”

In 2002, Diageo announced that it had signed up to the nine principles of the UN Global Compact, the first global drinks company to do so - as a public commitment to leadership in social and environmental responsibility. These incorporate human rights, strict labour standards and embracing enviromental responsibiity. Diageo state Through the tax and duties we pay, the returns we create for shareholders, the empoyment we provide and the suppliers and other business partners we support, we contribute significantly to the markets in which we operate and to the world economy’. 1% of Diageo’s operating profit is spent on community investment.

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