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Drink Pocket Guide 2004
The World Advertising Research Center has published its Drink Pocket Book (DPB) 2004. In 224 pages it comprehensively provides a mine of information on UK trends. The sections range from UK economic and demo graphic data, market summaries, beer, spirits, cider and wine, total value of the market, outlets, excise duty, and market share. New this year is an expanded section on soft drinks and drink-driving. The DPB contains a dual perspective of the industry, using retail data to monitor market performance and a Consumer Panel to provide insights into shopping habits and behaviour. David Glennon, Marketing Manager of AC Nielsen in his foreword said: “Real incomes and consumer spending continue to grow, so not surprisingly these ‘feel good’ factors have had a positive effect on the UK drinks market. Both the On and Off trade have benefited from a period of growth.” The hot weather increased the popularity of BBQs, to the detriment of On-trade establishments, especially night clubs. “The new licensing act of July 2003 is set to relax opening hours and potentially transform the way we consume alcohol in England & Wales.” Glennon said. Consumption of beer was up in the UK and USA in 2001, but sales of wine were slightly down in the US, and sales of spirits down in both. The vast accumulation of data in a book which is only pocket size is a remarkable achievement, essential reading for anyone who needs to understand the maze of the drinks industry.

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